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PHOTO: Andrew Brown

"What I love most about this film on top of it being an important tool for dialogue and change, is that the filmmaker injects a whimsy tone (apropos Wisteria Lane) which makes sparking this conversation and call to action so much more effective.”  -Christine Davila
"Those who enjoy peeking behind the curtain to see how TV show are produced will get a kick out of this humorous and touching documentary." - Kiko Martinez
"Andrea Meller deftly illustrates what each of their stories has in common: not fitting into the neat little box that casting directors have in their minds when looking for women to fill roles." - Esther Cepeda
 "The documentary lays bare the tough realities that these women face, though does so in a fun-loving and caring way." - Matt Kettman
"A fascinating look at a rarely seen side of Hollywood" - April Neale

PHOTO: Kathy Huang

WPFW 89.3 - Jazz and Justice - Sophie's Parlor Edition, Oct 19, 3pm
Andrea Meller talks with Junette Pinkney about Now En Español & WIFF
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